DownloadsCenter is a website offering a huge collection of the best open source software available to download instantly to your computer. And best of all, every single piece of software available to download here is completely free. DownloadsCenter is able to offer a huge inventory of free software owing to the open source principle that each of these programs is developed under, whereby each piece of software can be circulated and used on an unlimited number of computers without breaching any copyright legislation. Millions of visitors come to DownloadsCenter every month in order to take advantage of all the free downloads available here.

We are able to offer all of the software here completely free of charge owing to the fact that all the programs here are open source, meaning that they are completely free to copy and run on as many computers as you desire. This enables us to offer alternatives to popular and well-known commercial packages such as Microsoft Office, Excel and Nero Burning Suite completely free of charge.

In order to make the downloading process as convenient and efficient as possible, we utilise an installation system called InstallSphere. InstallSphere makes the downloading of software a very straightforward experience as the system goes through the process automatically, requiring but a few mouse clicks from the user. InstallSphere also helps with the cost of running our site, as it offers the user the opportunity to install various pieces of third-party software in conjunction with installations.

There is a huge amount of information that can be accessed on all of the downloads on DownloadsCenter by clicking on the tab on the left. We also have a Knowledge Base on our site, which provides a lot more information regarding our portfolio of existing software. Or if there is still an unresolved issue to which you can't find the answer, access our FAQs page.

Software of the week - Easy Instant Messenger and Office Suite X

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all downloads free? Yes! Every single program that can be downloaded on Downloads Center is completely free of charge for you. We only populate our site with software based off open source programs which allow completely free distribution to you the user.
  • Is this completely legal? Definitely! All of our software is open source, and as such can be legally downloaded and used on multiple computers without any risk of breach of copyright. And best of all - it's the full version of the software with absolutely no limitations.
  • How do I download? Simply click 'Download' to initiate the download, and then select 'Run' to begin the installation process once your download is complete. There are sequential instructions on the screen for you to follow once the installation begins.